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The Natural Blanket

Our  lap blankets are custom woven all natural color, chemical free fiber— 50% mohair, generously donated by the pampered Angora goats at Tall Grass Farm, and 50% thoughtfully selected wool. The look and feel of our blankets reflect our dedication to the ideal weave and mix of mohair and wool. Mohair adds durability—mohair is the most durable of the natural fibers—luster and elasticity and the wool we select adds bounce and loft. This perfect blend of  luxurious mohair  and fine wool accounts for the high snuggle factor of our blankets.

The careful blending of white, natural gray and brown color mohair and wool results in the natural hues that are a hallmark of our mohair products. After they come off the loom, they are "napped" or brushed to make them fluffy and warm.  The result is a unique blanket which is warm, soft, yet durable,  and as practical as it is beautiful.

Your blanket is easy to care for and comes with washing
instructions . . . and just gets softer with each washing.

We use FedEx for shipping and our regular shipping day is Monday. Sometimes, we can post on Fridays. Mondays for sure unless it's a holiday.

Let us know if your order is a gift and you want it shipped direct to the recipient. We will enclose a card with the message of your choice and remove invoicing.

Get your blanket now!

Lap 48"x60"

Our newly loomed blankets are natural gray with natural cream stripes. Photos coming soon!

My name is Mimi.
I helped make your blanket.